Научно-технический журнал "Автоматика и программная инженерия"

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Scientific and technical journal “Automatics & Software Enginery”

Name of the journal in Russian:  “Автоматика и программная инженерия” (Avtomatika i Programmnaya Inzhineriya)

ISSN of english online version 2619-0028

Certificate of registration number for the Russian version of the Journal ПИ № ФС77-55079 (PI FS77-55079)

Journal has been found in June 2012

UDC 681.2; 681.3; 681.5; 681.7

The founder of the Journal: “Novosibirsk Institute of Software Systems”

The founder website: www.nips.ru

The journal is included in the base scientometric RISC (Russian Science of the Citation Index, contract № 497-08 / 2014 from 20.08.2014).